Friday, November 23, 2007

SP November 23, 2007

By Patrick Archbold

Is the Novus Ordo the "Kids Table"

Father Z. says "At the risk of being somewhat provocative, I suspect the older form, the TLM will become (at least for a while) the "grown up Mass", while the Novus Ordo, still reverent and sound in so many ways, will be lighter, less challenging."

Avoiding Balkanization within the Liturgical Forms
By Shawn Tribe

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Anonymous said...

I think Mr Tribe points to a VERY important aspect of the problem, and to a real risk. I'd like to thank him very much.

Rather than discuss the problem from a theoretical point of view, may I make a simple practical suggestion?

I believe it's important that we should have not only many classical (or "extraordinary form") masses, but also many ordinary form masses entirely in Latin (except, if so preferred, for the readings).

So, here's my suggestion: we might send a petition to the Holy See, asking for the "novus ordo" Latin mass (entirely in Latin!) to be celebrated (compulsorily), on all Sundays and feasts of obligation (at least once a day), in the main churches — so to say — of all the dioceses of the catholic world: that would mean the cathedral churches, the basilicas, the most ancient and historical churches, etc.; and also, I think, the Benedictine churches and monasteries.

In doing so, we would be using our right: cf. "CJC", can. 212, § 2.

Of course, we need somebody who is willing to take upon himself the task of spreading the petition (also through internet): have you got any idea?

Thank you.