Monday, July 30, 2007

Commonweal on the Motu Proprio

By Patrick Archbold

Commonweal on the motu proprio:
It was not the intention of Vatican II, or of the popes who implemented it, to create a situation in which two forms of the Roman rite would exist side by side. The liturgical reform of the council was intended as a true reform, addressing genuine problems of the old liturgy for the good of the church as a whole. Now, with the stroke of a pen, Pope Benedict has made that reform optional. Individual priests may use the preconciliar rites at will, and groups of the faithful who ask for celebrations according to the preconciliar norms may not be refused them.
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Anonymous said...

The thing was that the old liturgy was not reformed but a NEW one, a new fabricated one that was based on the anglican book of common prayer was foisted upon the faithful and the fallout has been incalcuable.

So commonweal knows more than the Pope , eh? Smarter than the Vicar of Christ? And more 'catholic' than him too? No one should read this rag.

Anonymous said...

They (the graying, Commonweal remnant) should just take their marbles and go home. But, alas, the poor souls most likely cannot find them.

CPKS said...

I think it significant that the Commonweal article complains about how the pre-conciliar rite excludes women from the sanctuary. It is apparently written by a woman.