Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Summorum Pontificum - July 24, 2007

By Patrick Archbold

News & Analysis

California Catholic on use of new lectionary - “Until such time that the Ecclesia Dei Commission gives further direction”

Statement of Bishop Bernard Harrington - Diocese of Winona
Father Z. — Analysis of Statement of Diocese of Winona

Sermon on Summorum Pontificum by Rev. Richard G. Cipolla

Tulsa World - Reinstated Latin Mass will reduce nonsense

Boston Herald - Latin Mass a Fading Tradition

From Cardinal Sean's Blog -

After my return from vacation, I was very pleased to see so many messages on the blog regarding the motu proprio.
Practical Catechisis in New Jersey

Karl Keating - A Latin Mass Dream

Summorum Pontificum Contact Database - In an effort to help Catholics who want to see the Traditional Latin Mass in their diocese connect with priests who want to provide the Traditional Latin Mass, LumenGentleman is now hosting a contacts database to help bring people together. The more data we can collect, the more successful this will be, so click here to add your information!

Note: I wish to express a very large thank you to everyone who has posted links in the suggestion box to news stories, interesting analysis, diocesan reactions, and church bulletins. These links are invaluable for understanding the reaction to Summorum Pontificum from bishops to parish priests to the laity. This blog is your resource, so if you see something interesting, please don't hesitate to put a link in the suggestion box. Thanks to all.


Jamie said...

I can't say it is very good to see that Cardinal Sean (I don't know his last name) is saying that the Church is now looking into the removal of the prayer for the conversion of jews, as well as ways to use the new lectionary in the traditional rite. If they do that it will certainly not be of any help to the SSPX or many non-SSPX traditional Catholics like me who attend an indult but will stop if they change the traditional Mass.

Anonymous said...

the Church should never go back on Nostra Aetate and other decrees of the Second Vatican Council to please the SSPX or any other splinter group